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pratoTo develop a network of natural areas of the eastern alpine area, where shared management actions involving the natural resources and the territory can be started-up, combining social and economic development with the protection and conservation of habitats and biodiversity. The project is laid out into two macro areas:

  • nature, for shared territorial management;
  • and use, for the promotion and sustainable use of the territory in compliance with the shared management.

'Nature' looks to:

  • supply useful guidance for priorities and actions by which to manage the Natura 2000 network in the cross-border area;
  • identify shared vegetation-flora, fauna, habitat, anthropic pressure and social economic, cross-border indicators to be integrated locally;
  • standardise data collection with the definition of shared methodology protocols and harmonise and network existing databanks;
  • test methodologies with cross-border monitoring of flora-vegetation and fauna;
  • exchange notes on techniques for the preparation of management plans and definition of a cross-border model applicable on a system level;
  • identify the ecological corridors amongst the natural areas;
  • exchange notes on experience and exchange staff amongst the managers of the protected natural areas.

'Use' looks to:

  • create the conditions for a sustainable development of the territory;
  • coordinate the promotion of the natural areas for sustainable tourism, scientific research and environmental teaching with shared cross-border tourist offers;
  • encourage collaboration between managers and local realities with the promotion of typical products;
  • complete the existing disclosure and information structures for the shared, coordinated promotion of the area;
  • spread awareness of the characteristics and opportunities offered up by the protected natural areas, also amongst local populations;
  • develop an environmental culture in the new generations.

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