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  • shared biodiversity and social-economic indicators for the Natura 2000 network;
  • shared protocols for data collection and monitoring;
  • in situ tests of methods for monitoring habitats and flora and fauna species typical of the alpine biogeographical region;
  • data entry system in a WEB environment;
  • indications for the development of shared Natura 2000 network databanks;
  • 1 guide for the development of the Risk Analysis and tests in the pilot areas;
  • 1 shared manual for the drafting of Management plans of Natura 2000 cross-border sites and tests for pilot areas;
  • development and positioning of multimedia illustrative educational teaching points in the visitor centres of the areas concerned with shared contents;
  • 6 infopoints and respective fittings (displays);
  • brochures, leaflets, catalogues and publication on the web of partners and material developed (maps, itineraries, etc.);
  • development of a manual for the area management;
  • presentation meetings and conclusive congresses;
  • 3 presentation meetings, one for each region concerned;
  • 3 conclusive meetings, one for each region concerned.


  • initiatives for the exchange of experiences and training in the management of natural areas with increased staff know-how of protected areas: 4 exchange initiatives
  • use of a shared cross-border protocol for data collection and monitoring
  • use of a shared cross-border protocol to analyse risks and develop the management plan.


  • elimination of political borders for data collection, monitoring, risk analysis and management plans for protected areas in the Natura 2000 network;
  • disclose the characteristics and opportunities offered up by the protected natural areas, also amongst local populations;
  • increase number of visitors to the natural areas.